Young Adult Ministry Networking Event

On November 15, 2007 Faith Connections hosted a Young Adult Ministry Networking event that brought together a diverse mix of religious, educational, private, non-profit and media participants.

Together we shared our experiences of young adult ministry and dialogued about the ever-changing needs of 18 – 39 year olds.

Counted among the success of the evening were:

Learning Opportunities : to learn about new young adult ministries. Those present heard about at least one ministry they had not yet encountered.

Connections : touching base with others and dialoging about the challenges and blessing of programming, communication, sustainable community building, etc.

Rejuvenation : sometimes we can feel like lone ships in the night! It is energizing to know that there are many active and vibrant ministries to young adults in the Archdiocese of Toronto.

It is you – the young adults - that we are trying to serve. We are so excited about working with you! I would be happy to try and connect you with ministries that may best serve you on your unique and wonderful spiritual journey. If you have suggestions, feedback, or questions please contact us!

God Bless,

Vanessa Nicholas