Care For Creation - Earth Literacy: The New Story of Creation

Sr. Janet Fraser, CSJ, speaking

The second in a four-part Faith Connections’ Theology on Tap Justice Series was held at the Mad Hatter Old British Pub on July 11th.  Sr. Janet Fraser, Chair of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto’s Committee for Ecology spoke enthusiastically and passionately on the topic “Care of Creation.” 

When was the last time you truly experienced God?  98% responded that in their experience of creation, they encounter God.  Sr. Janet spoke of seeing a beautiful scene in Muskoka when she was five years old.  This for her was a real communication for which she knew God.  In the New Story of Creation, we are reminded that everything is sacred and we are all connected to all of creation.  In “The Sacred Earth”, Chief Seattle writes: “Every part of the earth is sacred…the earth does not belong to us; we belong to the earth.  All things are connected.  Our God is the same God whose compassion is equal for all.  We did not weave the web of life, we are merely a strand of it.  Let us give thanks for the web and the circle that connects us.”  

Pope Benedict XVI and Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople addressed the care of creation as a justice issue in their Declaration in Istanbul:  “As religious leaders, we consider it one of our duties to encourage and to support all efforts to protect God’s creation, and to bequeath to future generations as a world in which they will be able to live.”  With this, Sr. Janet challenged us to see our connectedness to creation with a sense of being one among the whole, to live with that awareness and respond to the call for human beings to care for the earth with comprehensive compassion by making choices that will help the environment.   

May we take time each day to be amazed at the beauty of creation and live each day with an attitude of gratitude for the beauty of the earth.  

Author: Sr. Divinia Pedro

Photo By: Vanessa Nicholas