Jesus is Risen! Truly He is Risen!

Fr. Allan MacDonald & Sr. Therese Meunier

On Monday, April 23, Fr. Allan MacDonald, Chaplain of York Catholic Chaplaincy and member of the Companions of the Cross, discussed "Proofs of the Resurrection". For all Catholics, belief in the Resurrection of Jesus is a required component of faith. Fr. Allan's exploration of the evidence helped strengthen our belief in this shared meta-narrative.

Fr. Allan explored many different proofs of the Resurrection. He asked us to consider the documented physical trauma inflicted on Jesus while on the cross. When He was placed in the tomb, escape would have been impossible since the Gospels report that it was heavily guarded by Roman soldiers. These soldiers were so highly disciplined that neglect of duty would have been punishable by death. In addition, the Jewish priests had an interest in putting Jesus to death and because He represented a threat to their political power. They would have wanted the tomb heavily guarded to prevent the followers of Jesus from taking away the body for use as a symbol of martyrdom.

Fr. Allan also asked us to consider the numerous early Christians such as Peter and Paul who were martyred for their belief in the resurrection of Jesus. Who is willing to die for a lie?

Finally, one of the most touching examples was Mary Magdalene's transformation at the tomb of Jesus. Her sorrow turned to joy when the resurrected Jesus appeared. Throughout His travels, Jesus spread joy, peace, and fellowship to all the disciples He met. By reaffirming our belief in the Resurrection, Fr. Allan reminds us that it continues to bring joy, peace, and fellowship to Christians today. These three gifts, which are evident in all believers, are the most important proofs of all. Allowing these gifts to be seen in our daily actions will convince other people that truly, He is risen.

Author: A Young Adult   Photo By: Rhiannon Weismiller