Sunday: Your Vision of God and Your Vision of Yourself

Bishop Boissonneau

On September 25th Bishop Boissonneau filled the house at Theology on Tap! The 90 people present were encouraged to ponder and discuss “Sunday: Your Vision of God & Your Vision of Yourself.”

What does Sunday reveal to us about God and about ourselves? No other day of the week is more important to Christians. The first day of the week, it is a time for reflection, celebration of new life, and revelation. On the first Sunday God gazed upon the fullness of creation and contemplated its mysterious beauty. On Easter Sunday His son rose from the dead and a new world began. On the Sunday following Easter Jesus appeared to his disciples and strengthened their faith.

On every Sunday God calls on His people to enter into contemplation with Him. This is a wonderful gift that is a sign of His unending love for us. When we walk with Him in peace through the natural environment, more of creation's infinite beauty is revealed to us. When we celebrate the Eucharist, we witness the Word becoming flesh and the sacrifice Jesus made for our sins. We see our world in a new light as the darkness of sin is cast away. Sunday is a time of freedom and communion that strengthens our spirit, enriches our faith and inspires us to serve in wondrous new ways that we may never have thought possible.

Sunday is a precious gift that marks a triumphant start to a joyful week. This triumphant start is most fully experienced when we “keep the Sabbath.” Bishop Boissonneau admits it is difficult to rest on Sunday when there never seem to be enough hours in the day. However, by committing ourselves to live the fullness of the Sabbath and by taking time to rest and to engage in relationship with God, with our loved ones, and with ourselves, we enrich our lives.

Author: A Young Adult    Photo By: Michael David Dizon