Bread For My Neighbour is Spiritual

Jack Costello SJ

Father Jack Costello SJ came to Theology on Tap March 29 and spoke on “Want to do justice? First fall in love.”

He invited his listeners to forget about labels — “We have our sense of where real shadows lie in the areas of gender, the environment and economics.” He directed them to look past the cynicism that comes with trying to gain happiness from driving SUV’s. “Life is about being in love and caring for people,” he said, “Bread for my neighbour is spiritual.”

Then he talked about Romero House for Refugees, and what young interns could learn there. For no pay and basic food and lodging, they could use their gifts and interact with the refugees. They could give their whole selves to this work.

He said that people should seek their identity not in how they dress or the size of their bank accounts, but in trying to follow Jesus’ invitation to “give up what you have and come, follow me.” He referred to Jesus as a person who sought out Peter to be the head of his church despite Peter’s failings — pride was more of a danger than weakness. Fr. Costello described the goal as “quiet anonymous giving of your heart” and said that the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto had offered this at St. Joseph’s College. Students there would remember, more than anything, that “Sr. Janet (Fraser) loved me.”

Author & Photo By: Gisela Côté